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Pop Up for Promotion
11 Oct 2018

Penetrating new consumer markets takes time and planning as well as money spent on market research. How should I go about finding a suitable agent or representative can also be time consuming and in many cases a hit or miss decision.


Being aware of the challenges involved in establishing a brand and selling in faraway foreign markets, Asia’s leading fashion accessories trade fair, Fashion Access, has developed a packaged marketing concept that can help brands to overcome these hurdles.

It is called Pop Up by Fashion Access

files/aplf/FA/FAS18/PressRelease/Oct 2018/FA19-PopUp_Banner_1173x353pxH.jpg


The Pop Up concept allows brands to be visible and make contact with consumers (and potential agents or representatives) before arriving in Hong Kong to participate at the Fashion Access trade fair that will take place from 13 - 15 March 2019.

This is how it works.

Confirmed exhibitors of Fashion Access in Designer Street and Brand Avenue are eligible to participate in the Pop Up programme and their products will be displayed in leading department stores and/ or trade fairs in different Asia capitals such as Shanghai Fashion Week, IFF Magic Tokyo, Robinsons in Singapore, Siam Paragon in Thailand, etc. This will generate brand awareness in the Pop Up stores before Fashion Access takes place in Hong Kong.

One important tool to speed up the communication and add value to the Pop Up is having an e-commerce site. This will allow inquiries and actual sales generated from the Pop Up can be dealt with promptly, collated and processed as contacts start to arrive via the website or email to the home base of the exhibitor.

E-commerce sales can be made but contacts harvested can be invited to visit the company’s stand at Fashion Access in March next year.

The benefits of this marketing concept are clear: the exhibitor/brand has two “bites at the cherry” via the action in the location of the Pop Up stores in selected Asian cities followed up and consolidated by the presence at Fashion Access in March 2019 in Hong Kong.

Confirmed participants:

files/aplf/FA/FAS18/PressRelease/Oct 2018/decena collection.JPG
Decena Collections
files/aplf/FA/FAS18/PressRelease/Oct 2018/Gem_resized.JPG
瑾 Gem
files/aplf/FA/FAS18/PressRelease/Oct 2018/G designare.jpg
G Designare
files/aplf/FA/FAS18/PressRelease/Oct 2018/kecapung.JPG
Kecapung Craft
files/aplf/FA/FAS18/PressRelease/Oct 2018/Nature Decoration_3.jpg
Nature Decoration
files/aplf/FA/FAS18/PressRelease/Oct 2018/Wanna Su_resized.JPG
files/aplf/FA/FAS18/PressRelease/Oct 2018/yokentheam_edited_3.jpg
Yoke & Theam

Pop Up by Fashion Access can certainly contribute to brand marketing and awareness when seeking new markets at a minimal cost. Here is a link to the FAQs

For further details on how to participate in this innovative programme and the cities where Pop Up stores will be located, contact us on


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