Are You Looking for Brands?

Fashion Avenue

The dedicated section within Fashion Access where one can find finished brands ready to sell and stock at retail outlets. Fashion Avenue represents young and independent brands who produce unique designs with a focus on style originating from Asia but with existing global presence and appeal. 

Exhibitors represented range from the up-and-coming inspirational streets of Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo to the contemporary styles of Southeast Asia. The production capabilities at Fashion Avenue ranges from 50 to 100 per colour per style.   

Design Studio

A dedicated area within Fashion Access for creative and talented designers with an established brand and focus on innovative designs of good quality across Asia and Europe. Their fashion products may just be that something special and unique to debut in your markets.

Start Up!

A dedicated area within Fashion Access where one can discover the latest collections on new brands from new designers! The aim of this space is to provide young designers who have just started their business an opportunity to gain presence in the fashion world. Come and explore these products which are only showcased in Asia and perhaps meet the next undiscovered name in fashion.